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Question: I am a 6 week 20 days pregnant but baby s heart beat not seen why?

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Answer: Dear it is normal for the baby's heartbeat to be not visible in early scans and hence even your gynae would be recommending to u to repeat the scan after 2 weeks as usually it is easier to see the heartbeat in later scans. Hope it helps.
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Question: I'm 6 week pregnant and I have done sonography but doctor says my baby heart beat not seen yet..
Answer: Hi don't worry usually in your abdominal scan you will be able to hear the baby's Heartbeat when you are 8 weeks pregnant so you should repeat the scan after 10 days and you should be able to hear the baby's Heartbeat then then take good rest and eat healthy.
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Question: why heart beat not seen at six week reason?
Answer: Hi, the main reason for the heart beat not getting detected during the 6 weeks is late ovulation. However, again there will be another scan in the 8 th week by which the heart beat can be detected
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant but in ultra sound my baby's heart beat was not hear why
Answer: it might be due to late pregnancy dear. it's normal and nothing to worry your doctor will.do another scan in 7-8 weeks. then you will see the fetal heartbeat.
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