5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am a type 2 diabetic person on Insulin. Yesterday Dr. prescribed me folic acid and ecosprin 75. Why Dr. Prescribed me ecospirin tablet

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Answer: Ecosprin help as a blood thinner to avoid unwanted blood clots. This will ensure a smooth flow of blood to placenta so that baby can develop. High dose of ecosprin is risky but taking but right dose could be very helpful during pregnancy. Take the medicine as per doctor's prescription.
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Question: My lmp was on 22oct and this month as on 23rd NOV. Can you please tell me the ovulation dates iam trying since 2 months and iam taking vitamin &folic acid supplements. My age is 32 years
Answer: You would first need to know your period cycle length..so get the average for last six months..like for me it has been 28 days cycle and I ovulate at 12 th day ..similarly if you have 26 day cycle then you might ovulate on 11 th day..and so on..for 29- 30th day cycle you would ovulate on 13th or 14th day in of month.
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Question: Hello friends, I am having a toothache ,i went to dentist he prescribed me a medicine calpole ,can i take that in preganancy Please advice
Answer: Dear u have to tell to ur dentists abht ur pregnancy nd then he ll suggest that paracetamol which s safe in pregnancy so ask to ur dr if she gives u green signal then only take this paracetamol try it dear
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Question: Hi ... I am 26 week pregnant. I m suffering from cold. So my dr. Prescribed me Azee 250 tablet. Can Azee 250 cause harm to fetus. I m worried ....plz reply
Answer: If doctor prescribed u then how it vil harm ur baby?? What make u think that? Its completely save.
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