7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am a singer. Can I do vocal riyaz everyday in these days. Anything that I can take care of? I do household chores. Is that OK?

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Answer: Hi..yes you can do..though your talent is passed to your baby via genes it will be increased more when you practice such things during pregnancy..it is already suggested to listen mild music for baby's brain development..so you can carry your vocals daily..make sure that will be in mild decibels,don't hold your breath for longer time..and hydrate enough..all the best,take care.
Answer: U can do vocal riyaz and house hold work if Ur pregnancy is healthy. Dnt lift heavy things throughout pregnancy. Consult Ur doc.
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Question: Can I do household chores in my 8th month..?
Answer: Sure.but drink plenty of water and take necessory rest.avoid liftng heavy objects. Walk frequently
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Question: mine 8th month running.... m tensed whether to take a lot of care or do household chores more for normal delivery.... as in my case before this I had premature delivery n lost my very cute 600gms baby boy 😢 n now these days m very tensed as my hubby doesnt allow me to do household chores except food preparation
Answer: try to take good rest.. ek bar 9 month start ho jayega to tention nhi Rehti 8 month mde jyada precautions leni padati Hai.. Mera bhi 8th running Hai fortunately I am at my mother's home so me jyada tr rest hi karti hu
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Question: Can I do household chores after 15 days of c section
Answer: Hi, Take rest for upto a month or two.as your body has steained a lot it needs some rest. U will be awake whole night while feeding your baby,as it is summer breastfeeding moms will easily get dehydrated.you have to focus on staying healthy.u should not lift heavy objects.ask your family members for help.Take as much rest as you can.Eat fiber rich food.Feed your baby well cherish the moments.
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