10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am a scolliosis person very thin in nature but inam carring now underweight too is any risk in delivery

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Answer: Thank u but I am bit worried about it doctor said ciccerian is needed baby is ok
Answer: Dont hyper be calm and active..it will help in ur better delivery
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Question: According to my lmd i am carring in week 26 .but in my scanning report i am in a week of 22.is there any problems??
Answer: No dear no problem.. go with the scanning date as with lmp we cannot know the exact ovulation date
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant now. I am an underweight person. My belly doesn't change now. I am worried about my underweight effect my baby's growth? In which week belly come out?
Answer: Don't worry if you are a first time Mum,your belly will come out in between 12-16 months..if its not your first baby you will start showing sooner.
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Question: I'm in 6th month now. now a days I feel more fetal movements that too very low ... almost jst above the vagina. can there be any risk of premature delivery? I'm very much scared
Answer: it's normal dear. the movements can be anywhere around and it doesn't mean that you will have premature delivery .so don't be tensed stay relax
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Question: I am very thin in presonality now i am 13week pregante no stomach has come
Answer: Don't worry baby growth does not depend on stomach
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