5 months old baby

Question: Hiii I am a mother of 5 months old baby. When I breastfeed my baby, the other side starts overflowing. Please help.

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Answer: Hello! It is common in some women. You can use breast pads to help you with the flow. Apart from that, right now there is no way out.
Answer: Using breast pad is the only hygienic option....
Answer: If u rub ur nipple of other side it will stop.
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Question: When i breastfeed my baby on one side other side breastmilk starts leaking.what is the reason
Answer: Hello, Dear it's completely normal and common actually the extra milk supply start leaking when feeding your lil champ.. It's just that your body stimulate the milk hormones and when baby latch your breast start leaking milk because of high supply from the other breast also.. Happened alot when I was feeding my doll but you know that means your milk supply is good and baby is having enough milk..
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Question: I am mother of 5 months old baby please help me how to reduce my belly fat and thighs...
Answer: Hello dear. Few of home remedies that will reduce the belly fat are: Breastfeeding Diet Drink water Start Exercising Slowly (after 6 months) Ball Exercises to reduce Belly (after 6 months) Eat Small and Frequent Meals. Take care.
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Question: Am a mother of 4 month baby boy, when my baby starts rolling down?
Answer: Hi! Every baby is different and so are their developmental skill. Babies need strong neck muscle to roll over, few babies do it at 4 months and few may do it at 5 th or 6 th months. Please dont worry, baby will do everything with time and when he is ready. Good luck!
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Question: can i eat cakes and chacolates.. i am a mother of 5 months old baby
Answer: Hi. Yes you can. But do take care that caffine present in chocolate may irritate your baby so have in moderation and if baby show sign of excess vomiting avoid it in future till breast feed.
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