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Question: I am a mother of a 5 yrs old child and i am pregnant with 2nd baby i think but not sure... I've home tested on 8th march and it showed positive three times.. my last period is 31st jan, every time my periods was 4 days late for 5 months and now its not coming till the date. I was trying to conceive since 3yrs but its hard to get positive result.. i am so excited that hope i am pregnant, i will go to the doctor tomorrow and will confirm it. The main thing is that i am surprised to see positive result after so many years, i have not took any medicine but still i am pregnant i think, i thank God for this blessings if its true.. 2nd baby conceiving is so difficult for me.. AND is it possible to got pregnant with twin baby? Because it was my dream ' the twins'.

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Answer: dear reading your post I can feel your full excitement about this pregnancy I just hope everything goes well for you and yes if you are already getting it positive then you definitely are pregnant this is good news for you congratulations.... It is very rare chances to have twins but if God wishes then you can have nothing in our hands take care
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    Gauri Chettri508 days ago

    Thank you so much... may GOD bless me with twin and triplet 😇

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Answer: It is absolutely normal.and please donot worry.i had the the similar thing during my pregnancy.there was no sac detected and had to revisit at 8 th week.and there was my baby with heart beat.ao it's just a matter of beta HCG levels,which increases in different pace in each individual.and when you conceive late in the cycle,you would have gradual increase of this hormone.only when the beta HCG levels are 1500 plus, gestational sac,yolk sac and then heart beat is detected.so please rescan after few weeks.it is pretty normal thing....,
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Question: I think i am 3week n 4 days pregnant cus i got positive in pregnancy test kit. But i am being paranoid whether i am pregnant or not. Is it normal to think so ?
Answer: If you have got your test result positive then you are pregnant dear.. congratulations..please get yourslef checked by doctor too..your scan can co form it again..dnt worry..be positive..
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