3 years old baby

Question: I am a mother of 3month old baby.. I am not having enough breast milk.. By baby always feel hungry.. So plz help me. How to increase breast milk

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Answer: Daily take oats with milk will help you to increase your breast milk If your non-veg take kheema frequently And Khash Khash also helped me good amount of breast milk till 2yrs for my baby
Answer: Ideally you should eat healthy diet to stay well hydrated drink lots of jeera water and also eat oats daily it will help you a lot
Answer: Sabu dana porridge and bottle guard curries are best... Have atleast 1 bowl sabudana porridge everyday. It works wonder
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Question: Hi my baby is 2 months old ..i am not having enough milk to breastfeed my baby ..so i am giving formula milk.but my baby is struggling lot ....and her motion is very hard ..is there any tip to increase my breast milk .milk secretion is very low and poor
Answer: Hi give breast feed often,atleast 8-12 times in a day it stimulates to produce more milk.make sure that baby latching properly,keep feed from both breast,drink plenty of fluids atleast 3-4 litres per day,breast pump also helpful to produce milk, add more garlic, funnel seeds, oat meal, unrilen papaya, black sesame seeds, carrot, salmon fish,bottle gaurd, almonds, drum stick and cow milk and fenugreek vegetables in your meal.even if secretions are low, then it is better to take lactare or lactare granules twice daily.take care of your baby
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Question: Hello.. I am a mother of 3month old baby girl.. I am not having enough breast milk .. So my baby always feel hungry .. Plz tell me how to increase breast milk
Answer: Breastmilk supply can be improved by taki g well balanced food..please dnt have restrictions in healthy food..I used to have dry fruits ghee ladoo..vegetables ,fruits ,whole grain items,lots ot water,protein is must..my mother used to give m lauki and masoor daal daily..I had very good milk supply.fed my baby till 2.5 years..also the mire you feed th more milk is produced..
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Question: hello I am a mother my baby is 2 month old and I'm not getting enough enough milk to feed my baby can I give formula milk
Answer: what makes you feel that the baby is not getting enough milk is not so but still if you want to start with formula milk you can
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