3 years old baby

Question: I am a mother of 2.5 years old baby boy, my baby is very active but he is slim I can see his backbone usually parents starts giving calcarea phos after 7 months but I never gave him but when I realized it was important now I started giving him, can someone help me out is it good to give him calcarea now

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Answer: Calcarea is not compulsory for babies and I also didn't give to my child. If your child is taking all the meals properly that is enough and expose your child in sunlight before 11 a.m. at his for an hour. Include iron and calcium rich food like green leafy vegetables citrus fruits potato sweet potato banana milk and other dairy products not being in regular diet and if you want non vegetarian then give at least one egg daily. This will help in healthy growth and healthy bone development of your child. Hope it helps .
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Answer: You can start now also. It is very effective for back support. You will feel relieved. Whenever you are doing any standing work that takes more than 10 minutes you can wear belt and do. If you are able to wear entire day it is good. Dont wear while sleeping.
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Answer: Dont worry dear Agr baby active hai Sab kuj kha raha hai Koi tension vali baat nai hai
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