3 months old baby

Question: I am a breast feeding mother. My baby is 3 months old. I felt lump in my breast. What to do now?

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Answer: hi dear! it can be due to blocked milk duct dear. there is nothing to worry about it . just massage your breast from up till the nipple also you can apply hot compress over so that the clogged milk ducts open also you can have a hot shower and try massaging your breast during the hot shower. you can also go visit your doctor to examine you dear. dont worry dear its normal in breastfeeding mothers dear. take care dear!
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Question: I am having sensitive teeth.what can i do to cure this.plzz help me. I am a breast feeding mother and my baby is 5 months old now.
Answer: Just inform ur dentist that u r a breastfeeding mom and ask for pain relief tablets. Nowadays we can get mild dosage medications which can cure pain and no harm to baby. Hope it helps
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Question: Is it normal have breast lump for breast feeding mother?
Answer: Hi Dear! All lumps are not dangerous, and lumps normally are not a problem when breastfeeding and should be left alone. In fact, strong massages can leave the breast sore at that spot and can cause problems because of bruising. But if you have high fever go see a doctor right away before the complication increases, you might be prescribed antibiotics if needed.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am breast feeding mother my son is now 10 months.... Wt shd i do to discontinue my feeding as i am diabetic
Answer: Hi! Your diabetes wont affect the baby. Breast feeding will only help u manage sugar levels. Diabetes is caused by the insufficiency of the hormone insulin secreted by the pancreas. Not transmitted through breast milk.You can keep feeding the baby on demand and keep a check on your sugar levels. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have a lump in armpit.. Is there any problem for my baby in breast feeding
Answer: hi dear! normally the breast tissue exists in the armpit and the clogged milk ducts can be a cause and for this you can use a hot fomentation and massage the breast from out to in and will help the clogged breast. also dont worry it wont affect the baby you can breastfeed and also see if it is painful usually it should be painful. dont worry you will be fine dear. take care.
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