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Question: I am 9th week pregnent.. i got bleading today when it was thick red discharge and after that little white discharge.. now there is no bleeding.. do there is any problem??

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Answer: Hi Dear! No bleeding is normal in pregnancy however few women experience implantation bleeding when the fertilized egg gets attached to the wall ans it causes some pinkish spotting for maximum 1-2 days. But if you are 9 weeks along implantation bleeding chances are less because it happens after 10 days of ovulation while periods occur after 14 days, so if i get bleeding after 22-25 days its implantation bleeding. (please note the days vary and depends on cycle) In my opinion u should check it with your Dr. as soon as you can. Good luck!
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Question: I am having some thick brownish discharge little bit from last night... Is that normal... No bleeding but yes brownish discharge...i am in 9th week of pregnancy
Answer: in most cases, it’s completely harmless. The most common cause is irritation: the surge of hormones and increased blood flow to the cervix can make it super-sensitive when you’re expecting. So sometimes, sexual intercourse or a pelvic exam can aggravate your cervix, resulting in a bit of brown discharge or even light spotting.
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Question: After walking i am seeing thick white discharge.. what is the reason? Is there any problem
Answer: Hi Its quite normal in pregnancy to get vaginal white discharge than normal due to hormonal change but do notice it ll be thin,clear or milky white and dosent smell...if you get anything like gel and smells bad that ll be amniotic fluid and do urge to doctor in that cases otherwise normal white discharge is nothing to be worries.. Also do not strain amd walk do walk only till you ll bw abkebto talk without gasping while walk thats enough
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Question: Hi i am 38week pregnant... When i am passed urine i got thick white discharge..is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear The white discharge will be found during the last weeks of pregnancy. As days go by, the discharge can get thicker. This is a sign that your delivery time is nearing. If you have pinkish tint in discharge, then delivery is soon to happen. Stay safe and Stay happy
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