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Question: I am 9th month pregnant, from yesterday onwards my left leg muscles are paining can any one advise on this?

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Answer: Hello, Some women can't escape leg cramps during pregnancy.These painful muscle contractions usually occur in the calf. If you find yourself in the middle of a leg cramp, try to ease the pain by resting your calf on a hot-water bottle or flexing your foot to stretch the calf. When pain occurs along this nerve, the condition is known as sciatica.Many women experience sciatica during pregnancy because the enlarged uterus presses down on the sciatic nerve. This increased pressure causespain, tingling, or numbness in the lower back, buttocks, and thighs.
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Question: Hii..i m 3 month pregnant and my left leg muscles is paining alot..what will I do??
Answer: Hello dear... Aches and pain are common during pregnancy,it can also due to muscle cramps,it can also occur due to weakness,and if the growing uterus pushes sarcastic nerves,leg pain may occur.. To avoid leg pain and cramps ,have a nutrious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,don't stand for long duration,make yourself hydrated,apply any pain relying ointment and bath with warm water,this may help a lot,try maternity yoga possess instructed by an instructor,will remove all your aches happens during pregnancy,if symptom presit for long period it is better to consult a doctor
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Question: Hello...I am 9th month pregnant and my left leg is paining too much....can u tell me some solution for this
Answer: Hello dear. The weight of your growing uterus can push on the sciatic nerve and cause pain to run down the back of your leg. It could also just be leg cramps or uterine fibroids, so please inform this to your gynecologist. You can relieve it to some extent by following the below steps. Stretch your calf muscles immediately by straightening your leg, heel first, and gently flexing your toes back toward your shins. (Don't point your toes while stretching. After you stretch, massage the muscle or warm it with a hot water bottle to relax the tissue. Take care.
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Question: I m 5 month pregnant my leg are paining lot any solution to this?
Answer: Hello dear As your uterus expands it can put pressure on certain nerves, causing painful spasms in your legs also the pressure your growing belly puts on blood vessels in your legs can disrupt circulation and cause cramps.Eat a healthy diet and a warm bath can relax you and remove pain in the calf area also u can do gentle exercise to help blood circulation. Reduce the salt intake to prevent fluid retention in the body.You can massage the cramped muscles with ice or cold compress to reduce pain.
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