35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 9th mnth pregnent. can i participate in sex

2 Answers
Answer: Yes dear if ur comfortable without having any queries regarding ur health and if ur doctor suggest u not to practice in sex then u shouldn't.....if everything is k u can participate dear
Answer: No please avoid as it may cause early labour or hurt baby...
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Question: Now iam 8th mnth pregnancy can i participate in sex
Answer: Hi dear, You can have sex till when you are comfortable.though having sex in your later stages of pregnancy could get uncomfortable due to bigger tummy,but if you feel like you can have it.make sure you donot have any pregnancy related complications.last weeks of pregnancy,having sex could give you natural labor pain.
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Question: i am 32 weeks pregnent and its my first pregnency can i participate in sex
Answer: Hello, Pregnancy can change sexual relationship but you and your partner can still be intimate. In fact Normally sex during pregnancy is safe and won't harm the baby but if sex is painful be sure to speak with your doctor
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Question: I am 11weeks pregnant, can i participate in sex?
Answer: Hi dear, it's always better to check with doc... If you don't have any issue in your previous or current pregnancy then it is fine.. Basically doctors advised not to have sex for sometime..
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