9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant from last 15 days i got brown discharge and then light bleeding with sharp cramps.... Doctr prescribed me progesterone injection and hcg injection.. My cramps got better now.. But i still bleed lamst 5 to 10 drops per day.... My scan was done in 6th week cardiac activity was not seen.. Now my scan is on 15 dec... Why am i bleeding??

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Answer: You have to trust your doctor
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    Humaimah Kanth7 days ago

    Yes i do.. But i want to know the reason of bleeding

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Question: Hi doctor my pregnancy is 6weeks old and today my first ultrasound was done but there was a problem. My fetal heart activity was not seen. I m scared is it miscarriage or it is ok?
Answer: Well it is pretty early I must say to detect baby ..some developments do take place in some ladies but you have time till 10 weeks..so depending on when fertilization took.place development would happen accordingly..my baby heart beat came late too..so fnt worry..
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Question: Tomorrow is my period due date.Today I saw some pink creamy discharge and then some red blood clots.and then still now no bleeding..why
Answer: It may be implantation bleeding... Wait for ur period to come if not then go for pregnancy test 2 weeks after ur missed period
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Question: Today i have done with my NT/NB scan my fetal size is 4.32cm then doctr have prescribed me to do scan again by next week with the 1week diff can dis scan will b safe?
Answer: Hi dear kitne waqt hota nt scan karvane ke liye and is a transvaginal or transabdonimal scan pls reply
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