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Question: I am 8 month pregnant and i have swelling in my feet.is it normal or please advise any remedy.

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Answer: Its normal to get swellling..just keep eye in ur bp and sugar level..maintain healthy diet properly..just try to keep pillow under legs to support while sitting or sleeping..this wil help reduce swelling
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Question: i have swelling and pain in my breasts..please advise
Answer: During pregnancy due to hormonal changes breasts get ready for milk production and there are so many changes which causes pain in breast. Breast become bigger and fuller .but do check your breast if there is any lump or not. In later weeks of pregnancy some times milk production started and milk may Block milk ducts and cause pain and swelling . Try hot compress, massage your breast. This can help you, if not then consult with doctor
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Question: I am 8 week pregnant and have pain and swelling in my lower abdomen please let me know if its normal or no?
Answer: Dear if by swelling you mean your tummy is showing big it could be due to bloating which is common during early pregnancy. The pain is happening due to your expanding uterus as your baby is growing which may also cause period like cramps or just heavyness and still will be considered normal. If the pain is increasing and continuous please see a doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: I beginning of 4th month , swelling is observed on feet.Is it normal?Any solution to avoid it.
Answer: decrease salt intake... increase water intake... sleep well... dip your legs in warm water for few minutes and immediately in cold water for few minutes. I read this amazing remedy on daily corner of this app.
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