29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 7th month pregnant.. Frm 2-3 days to I am suffering from light fever, cold and cough.. As of now the situation is getting worse in our country due to corona virus.. I thought to consult a doctor.. And doctor said to have a corona test.. I have given the sample..but the result was not yet came.. And I am getting fear and worried about my health and baby's health.. I saw so many vedios that pregnant women should not take anti biotics tablets.. And virus tablets.. Which the normal persons are taking for the disease.. If we will take it will effect the baby... What can I do and what should I take.. If I tested positive... Pls answer to my question...

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Question: I am now 6th month pregant what are the care i should take daily and food to have
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear u should take healthy diet as babies growth depends on mothers diet so dear take Vegetables, beans and legumes. Aim to eat five serves of different vegetable types and colours, beans and legumes (such as chickpeas and lentils) each day,fresh Fruits Grains,Foods rich in protein nd Calcium-rich foods..ask to ur dr abht protein powder if she suggest u. U can take it wot milk too ,ask to ur dr nd take folic acid suppliment as ur dr suggest u, take rest ,avoid sex, avoid carry heavy things too nd take plenty of liquids nd water too.dont taje stress ,sleep 8 to 10 hours per day nd take nap in day too take care happy pregnancy
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Question: I have headache and body pain a lot what to do can I take tablets
Answer: You should not take any medicine without consulting your doctor. you can try some home remedies to get relief from headache and body pain. you can apply some Chandan paste over the forehead and try to get some sleep. drink ginger tea or hot milk. take rest for sometime this is lower down your head ache and body pain.
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Question: I have tested corona positive yesterday what to do i am worried about my baby i have mild symptoms like cough sore throat what precautions should i take
Answer: Hi dear, firstly don't panic, be positive, it will not effect baby and jus have a call with doc whether you can take medicines for symptoms you have. Have some warm water and eat good food.. Which gives immunity..
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