31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 7th month pregnant .Doctor said me to inject a injection named Bharglobe after 21 days.what is the use of this

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Question: Doctor said me take lonopin injection daily till 7th month.. is this injection needed?? And what is the use??
Answer: There are specific indications to start lonopin, It cause thinning of blood it is usually given in the cases of history of miscarriages Or in the cases where the blood clot is present maybe your doctor has given it to you to prevent any problem which he could suspect, You can ask your doctor about the specific reason I understand that taking these injections must be really difficult for you but have faith in your doctor
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Question: I have a small pain the doctor inject to me injection that's good for us r bad
Answer: I dear i m sure doctor must have give u tetnus injection which keeps u away from whooping cough and infection. Dont worry it is a routine injection. If the pain and swelling is more then do warm compress. In tetnus injection it do happens.
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Question: I m 6 week pregnant....and doctor give me a sifasi aqua 5000 injection....what the use of this injection?
Answer: Your doctor must have prescribed the injections to help maintain and support the pregnancy. 
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