7 weeks pregnant mother

I am 7 week pregnant. can i eat 4 to 5 pieces of amala candy daily.

Yes aap kah sakti hai mam
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Question: Hi I am 5 week pregnant ..Can i eat almonds and amla candy walnuts
Answer: Hi! Yes dear you can have all of them, they are safe in pregnancy. *Almond is in rich in a lot of nutrients, it is not only good but recommended to take daily. It has Vit E, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium. It has protein and fibre too. *Amla is safe to be consumed in pregnancy. Amla has vitamin C and Calcium both are good for you and the baby. *Walnut is full of omega 3 fatty acid and helps in baby's brain development. Good luck!
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Question: Can I eat amala
Answer: Hi congrats, Yes u can eat amla which can maintain blood pressure and blood circulation bleeding gums and bad breath which is rich in nutrients and vitamins c calcium as well ..so take it ... Also u can consult with your dietitian or nutritionist if necessary...take care🙂👍
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Question: I am 7 week pregnant. I eat only two pieces of roasted chicken. Is this OK for my baby
Answer: No issues. You can have with limited quantity ND since chicken has good protein value it's very good for your baby growth.
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