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Question: I am 6th month pregnant.I have swelling on my both legs...how to treat it naturally to get relief...

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Answer: Hii its very common during pregnancy as blood volume and bodily fluids in pregnqnt lady increase by 50%. This excess fluid ensures baby has what she needs when she needs it. But it needs to be stored somewhere, hence your swollen feet and hands. Dont sit or stand for long. Keep.moving.donr sit cross leg or keep ur legs hanging. Always keep some support below legs. U can take 2 glass of water mix with apple.cidar vinegar. It will reflux ur body. Drink lots of water.also wear comfortable shoes. These will help u reducing the swelling. 
Answer: don't do anywork involving standing continuously long time,u can use compression stockings during the day which are easily available at medical stores,take break during ur work,raise your feet above the height ur r sitting,u may use cushions to support your feet
Answer: In pregnancy..Leg swelling is normal so don't take tension and used normal heat water (Gunguna pani) this is for natural relief
Answer: Use pillow under your legs so that they can be raised high while you rest. This will help to lessen swelling
Answer: ......And another thing is avoid extra work..Khade khade kaam kam karo ..Beth ke jyada
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Answer: Hi dear Swelling of legs is due to water retention... Keep your legs elevated while sitting and sleeping Salt restricted diet Drink plenty of fluids Check out your blood pressure and urine albumin... If symptoms persist consult your doctor
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Question: Hi doctor my 33week is going on there is cramps in my legs is it nrml nd how. Can i get relief from this
Answer: Dear you should massage your leg with mustard oil and you can take a warm compress or so cute like in warm water with salt in it that will help to reduce the cramping
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