6 weeks pregnant mother

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am not able to digest any food.. whatever I eat feels like ll get diarrhea or I will vomit... What should I do?

Hello dear... Indigestion is common problem in pregnancy, because body is traveling through a new phase, Diet plays an important role in digestion process, so please follow below tips Eat atleast six small meals will make digestive system to work properly,and also helps hunger Intake of fruits like apples,prunes, figs,guava can be taken to releive constipation It is essential to drink three litres of water daily, drinking water throughout the day in smaller quantity aids digestion Drink ginger tea after meals will reduce indigestion problem Don't drink coffee when you suffer from indigestion.. it will increase it Boil ajwan seeds in water, drink this water instead of normal water,it will cure indigestion effectivel Don't eat potato,starchy foods,soda,refined sugar because they cause indigestion Drink buttermilk with cumin seeds,ginger,coriander leaves .this is best remedy for indigestion Engage yourself in physical activity after meals,mild walk can also be helpful
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Question: I am not able to digest food.. What should I do?
Answer: Take small portions very 2-3 hrs.eat fibre rich food .have plenty of fruits and vegetables
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant. What is best food to eat and what I should not
Answer: Hi! First of all congrats! There is no specific diet fr pregnant women they shud hv everything in moderate qty in pregnancy fr a balanced nutrition only avoid pine apple and raw papaya.. First three months are crucial as the formation happens hence its better to avoid intercourse.. First three months- start day with apples/coconut water/ soaked almonds etc. Have iron, magnesium, folic acid rich diet which should in your daily food consisting vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, mutton, eggs everything all regular food no need to start anything special.. U can have one cup of coffee or black tea a day . Nd as much of fennel ,chamomile, fruit , caffeine less tea. Take ample rest and drink lots nd lots of water. U can go fr walks if u want nd only if ur gynae permits. Hope you find this helpful..
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant. I am not being able to digest food easily. Whatever i ate it just stucks in my stomach and most probably during evening whatever i ate it stucks in my chest and feels like nausea . Due to which i am not being able to have my fluids in evening.
Answer: it is completely normal and caused by increased hcg levels in the body.For morning sickness and nausea, Try eating food that u like.Try your favourite fruits Go out and walk early morning for 20 mins. Do not drink water early in the morning in empty stomach. First eat something solid and then drink water Drink lemon water. Drink ginger water. These remedies usually help alot of women.
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