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Question: I am 5month pragnent but low line placent so doctor said take bed rest so i always slepping or sitting sometime

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Answer: Hi dear dear my sister in law have sane issue. Hey Dr says low lying placenta s acomplication of pregnancy .low lying placenta, occurs when the placenta covers part or all of the cervix during the last months of pregnancy. This condition can cause severe bleeding before or during labor. so her gyno suggest meducine advised 2 take rest ,avoid sex avoud carry heavy things too .u cab try it akso ask to yr gyno nd take meducine as she suggest u .Take care.
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Question: In my anomaly scan i got posterior low lying placenta.. Dr suggested to take bed rest.. Bed rest means always we should be in sleeping position or can we sit on bed by keeping legs along the bed?
Answer: Rest means u shud nt walk much.. Nt perform any house wrk.. Dont lift and dont bend.. Tk utmost care while standing up, sitting or lying down.. Dont do anything with jerk. Wen u do this placenta will automatically come in nrml position...
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Question: I am getting dis pain on belly so went to doc, she said baby head is down n baby has also moved down a little. What should I do now? Is this something I should be worried about. Doc said take bed rest but I cant sleep on bed whole day. Please advise
Answer: This can cause premature delivery.So u have to take care.U should take bed rest.Me too have this problem but my docter has not asked me to take rest.I advised to take less excertion.
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Question: I am having low lying placenta.. Doctor told bed rest for 15 days.. Can i sit on the floor n do household works? Or complete bed rest i should take
Answer: dear if you are sitting for a very short time and it is necessary then that's ok but remember that low lying placenta can cause bleeding which is not good for you
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