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Question: I am 5 week pregnant and feel like vomiting all day. Have tried lemons, ginger, over the counter tablets but nothing seems to be working...any tips....

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Answer: Hello dear Nausea is common during pregnancy. It can occur at any time, day or night. Although unpleasant, it is considered a normal part of a healthy pregnancy.Try to drink plenty of water but have it in sips. Take small meals 6-7 times. Have something immediately once you get up even before leaving bed . Also you can prepare lemon and ginger water, which can be taken in sips through out the day.
Answer: Consult dr n hv tablet...that will work...for sure
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Question: I m 6 week pregnant and i feel sleepy all the time.. i can sleep anytime of the day but not at night. And always feel like vomiting
Answer: It's usual it will be continued til 3 months u can take enough rest if u read more books u will get sleep at night if u are with ur husband speak to him by going for a walk it will make u relaxed and feel normal because I did the same hope it will help u too
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Question: My 3 yr old daughter sucks her thumb...have tried neem and karela...nothing seems working any suggestions..
Answer: Hi mommy baby sucking thumb/hand is a perfectly natural, self-reliant way for a child to soothe themselves. I think people make to much of an issue about this. Thumb sucking does palette damage in extreme cases, not the average baby. And also baby who suck thumb in early age tends to sleep for 7-8 hrs and are calm by nature as they know how to sooth them self.  May be if this habit stays till 1 year of age you can try by putting some bitter  tasting thing over thumb. It works in most cases. One can use pacifiers to wean their infants away from thumb sucking. Choose specific times during the day when they can use the pacifier and gradually reduce the timing till they don’t require it anymore. You can try to physically cover the hands with the help of some soft gloves, mittensor a thumb guard. all the best!
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Question: I m 29 weeks pregnant.. suffering from severe cold and cough.. i tried all home remedies but nothing seems to b working.. doctor suggested azithromycin 500mg tablets. Can i take those tablets. I m worried about little one inside me
Answer: I think yes. I had taken during pregnancy and my baby is fine.
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