19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 5 month pregnant till I feel movement of my baby is it normal? When I feel it's movement?

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Answer: Hello dear, it is one of the most beautiful phase. As per my experience with my two kids, baby can start movement around 19-23 weeks. So be ready :)
Answer: Yes it's normal dear. U will feel baby movement from ur 25 th week . So don't worry right now. Take care of ur diet.
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Question: My legs are paining. There is no movement. When the movement of baby I feel
Answer: Legs pain often during pregnancy.it is mainly ye to the water retention and excess pressure in the legs..no need to worry .keep.massaging the legs and also increase the water intake. Baby movement usually starts by 18 weeks..if you have not felt any yet then ,you need to know your placental position..I had anterior placenta and also started to feel late..
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Question: Hi am 15weeks pregnant but I don't feel baby movement it's normal condition..
Answer: hey i know it is such a thing which every want to experience really well. i was also eager to feel my baby movement. my mom in law controlled my impatience as even i started getting worried😅, informing me that i will get it till my 25 th week. and trust me sister it is one of the best feeling in the world. njoy it as u will miss after delivery 🥰😇
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Question: I am 35weeks pregnant. Today I feel excess movement of my baby throughout the day..is it normal?
Answer: Hi.. u should go to the dr. May be baby is uncomfortable or he has any kind of problem that we can't define.. b'cos the same happed to me and the next day result was worst. So I suggest plz go to the dr. Immediately
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