4 months old baby

Question: I am 4 months lactating mother, and had baby through c section , and i feel pain, pain like numb just above the area of incision (cut) , whenever i touch or press that area

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Answer: This is absolutely normal dear... numbness and pain is caused due to the healing process dear... there's no need to be worried about it dear
Answer: Consult ur doctor if the pain in first 3 months then it is normal but after 3rd month may be any problem with u
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Question: I had section 3 months back and i am breastfeeding mother can i drink green tea?
Answer: Sure dear..one or two cups of tea while breastfeeding is absolutely safe dear... it doesn't affect your baby's health in any manner
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Question: i feel irritation over the area where urine passes and also while taking bath when soap touches the area i feel irritation i didnt feel that before...what is the reason...i gave birth to my baby through c section
Answer: It might be vaginal infection..u can consult gynaecologist...
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Question: I have gone through c section 1 month ago. I have no pain at stitches but i have pain in stomach above the cut. The pain is like burning sensation and it is more when stomach skin is touched by hands or clothes. Is it normal or anything to be consulted?
Answer: This is absolutely fine after a c-section so don't worry my dear just make sure that the area should remain dry and clean
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