40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 39 week pregnant my edd 29/5/19. I have little back pain but baby head still not fixed . Baby head is unengaged. What can I do?. Its possible for normal delivery?

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Answer: Hi dear it is very difficult to say at this moment what will happen because a lot depends on the delivery time you are already 40 weeks pregnant your doctor would weights maybe for 1 to 2 days more and then your doctor has to decide on the process of delivery if it is possible that the doctor will do normal delivery if it does not harm you on the baby in any way but if there is any complication then it would be better for the doctor to go for a c-section delivery I would suggest you to please have faith and be positive during this time . All the best
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Question: hii...39 week is running but still baby head is not fixed..what should I do?? suggest me plzz
Answer: hello dear usually at 34 weeks the baby head is fixed.. so dont be panic... go for walking in the fresh air if possible morning and walking, drink plenty of water.. proper rest
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Question: M 38 week pregnant and my baby head is not fixed. What can I do for fixed my baby head and normal delivery can be possible?
Answer: Walk as much as u can Do this stage of exercise Do mopping Use indian toilet
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Question: i am 36 week pregnent know i have little pain my doctor says baby turned womb but head is not fixed it is any problem for normal delivery
Answer: Hi desr nothing to worry the baby's head will be fixed and will drop and the cervix will dilate and Labour pains to start so you have nothing to worry dear you will have normal delivery take care dear
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