38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 37weeks pregnent i have problem of bulky discharge is there any problem or i want to visit my doctor please reply fadtly i am really worried

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Answer: Hi dear don't worry these are normal during the third trimester of pregnancy this is the the signs of liver so you don't need to worry you should be very careful and you should take enough rest as you are very close to your neighbour neighbour.usually my grandmother used to tell if we get white discharge before a label then it would be a baby boy if we get a red spotting then it would be baby girl it is a just a minute I don't know how true it is so you don't need to worry about it
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    Gayathri Sureshpm651 days ago

    Please check with doc for heavy white discharge. This is cause of labour.

Answer: Hu Yes once consult your doctor about this discharge ok .dont neglect
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Question: Is it ok to have vaginal dryness during early pregnancy or should there be discharge. My vagina is dry and I am worried please help me
Answer: Don't worry dear if you are getting white discharge that's also normal and if you are not getting then that's also normal
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Question: hello Doctor, i am 5 week pregnent but due to covid-19 pandemic i have not visit any gynaecologist , i am not taking any tablets will it be a problem or creat any issue for baby growtg
Answer: Now dear it's not a problem ... Just follow normal dos and donts eat healthy,be happy ,Do moderate exercise Take lots of sleep and rest. Avoid bumpy road rides ,e careful all the time Listen to ur body, talk frankly to ur doctor. Gather loads of pre natal and post natal information. Don't Smoke, don't Drink Alcohol, Dont eat papaya ,dont eat almonds till first trimester ,don't Eat Raw Meat,Avoid sex in first and last trimester. Hope this will help u
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Question: Today I have some sticky discharge...is there any problem..?
Answer: Gel like white discharge is common during pregnancy dear.. There is no problem in that dear.. Even I had.
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