38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant. Babys weight has reduced from 2.3 kg to 2 kg. Plz suggest Should I terminate pregnancy or is there any other way for increasing baby's weight. Also my cervix length has reduced to 1.5 cm.

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Answer: Do not terminate .babies with low weight can survive and become normal adults.
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    Tanu Saha7 days ago

    Doctor is planning for c section at the earliest.. And keep the baby in icu

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Question: Hi, My 9th month has started from yesterday & my baby's weight is just 2 kg. I am taking milk daily twice but no effect. I am very scared about my baby's health because everyone saying that at the time of delivery at least 2.5 kg weight should be there. What should I do for increasing the weight of baby. Please suggest something.
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear u should take healthy diet as babies growth depends on mothers diet so dear take Vegetables, beans and legumes. Aim to eat five serves of different vegetable types and colours, beans and legumes (such as chickpeas and lentils) each day,fresh Fruits Grains,Foods rich in protein nd Calcium-rich foods..ask to ur dr abht protein powder if she suggest u. U can take it wot milk too
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Question: Hi, I am 20 weeks pregnant and my cervix length is 3.17. My doc suggest me for stitches. is it safe or any other way to increase length? Plz answer
Answer: It is safe dear, if your doctor suggested stiches then go with doctor advise.. it's good for you and your baby.
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Question: I delivered my baby on 26th of this month babys weight has been reduced by 400g is there any need to worry
Answer: No dear. Its absolutely normal. All babies lose weight in their first week and then they start to gain weight
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