33 weeks pregnant mother

I am 34 weeks pregnant and doctor has told me that I would be having internal check up after 20 days! Internal check will be pain but I want to know is it normal to have internal check up in 36 or 37 week?

Hi, it's very normal that doctor will do internal check up after 35 weeks to check the cervix dilation. I had it done 2 times in last 2 weeks. Don't worry.
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Question: Hi mines is 34 week my doctor said that internal check up will be done is it necessity
Answer: Hello, Yes dear during last weeks of pregnancy is important to get your internal check up done to know the exact position of the cervix .so don't worry it will be quite easy and it will take only two to three minutes so don't worry...
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Question: After internal check up my doctor told that you have cpd what this mean any chance for normal delivery
Answer: Hello dear. Cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) occurs when a baby's head or body is too large to fit through the mother's pelvis. It is believed that true CPD is rare, but many cases of “failure to progress” during labor are given a diagnosis of CPD. A large fetus can be one case of CPD. A large fetus can be caused by gestational diabetes, postterm pregnancy, genetic factors, and multiparity. The shape of the pelvis can also be a cause of CPD. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hai i am 37 week pregnant and my doctor has suggested for internal check up . Will it be painful. Can you please tell me how it is done
Answer: Hello dear, it's not too much painful, doctor insert her finger to check your Cervix delite position and baby position.
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