30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant from last one week I am having pain and gas problem due to piles can anyone tell me any home remedies to treat piles and it's pain also.

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Answer: Drinks a lot of water and make sure to have fiber rich diet. Also try to stay active throughout the day. All this together will definitely help with the piles.
Answer: Remedies is only water, just drink a lot of water. It is best medicine for u rt now.
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    Megha Ambekar131 days ago

    If you drink lots of water also piles pain is really painful so it's better you share with your doctor as you would not be able to sit bcoz of pain your doctor will give you medicine and ointments to treat it and also sit in warm water with few drops of savlon for 15 mins this will really help you to get rid of pain

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