30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 29 week pregnant and from back 2days I am having a cough and cold..... So please suggest what should I take as a home remedies.....

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Answer: Hi dear to treat for cough you can take some 1 glass milk added with a pinch turmeric powder and a pinch black pepper boiled well in 1 glass milk before bed at night for effective result.. Also in early morning after brush in a pinch black pepper add 1 spoon honey and mix well and eat Turmeric,honey can cure any kind of throat problems as they are natural anti biotics For cold take warm water or hot water all time whenever you feel thrist...also you can just show a piece of turmeric stick in flame and intake the smoke it produce..it ll control your cold and also if running nose is there...
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Question: From 1 week baby having cold and cough. Quick home remedies please. I am giving everything
Answer: hi dear first thing please don't give everything because the babys immune system is a very weak so they can't accept everything at a time. first of all check whether your baby has a tendency if so please give tender coconut everyday to reduce the heat because he can also cause cough. the second thing else you can turmeric in warm welcome once in a day this helps baby to reduce the cold you can also give the juice of thulsi thoothuvalai karpooravlli kuppaimaeni neem leaves and drumstick leaves this also helps to reduce the cold and cough
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Question: M 9 week n having cough & cold..which medicine i should take..home remedies are avoidable so what i do
Answer: Hi dear, Viral infections are quite normal during pregnancy. As the body's immune system dips to support the baby,mothers do catch cold quite often .try to stay warm.keep sipping warm water through out the day. Steaming helps to clearing nasal congestion. Boil tulsi leaves,with crushed pepper,ajwain and grated ginger.keep sipping this for relief.eucalyptus oil inhaling could give relief too.also keep checking the heaolfy app for pregnancy tips and care.healofy homepage has enormous info on related aspects.donot miss out.
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Question: I am 12 week pregnant mother. I am having cold and cough (too much). What can i take as remedies
Answer: Use natural remedies more. It will be better 4u and child
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