28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 27 week pregnant. Having low lying placenta and today spotted with brown discharge. And feeling some time stomach tightening.. is this normal

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Answer: I'm a pregnant of first month .sex is safe or not ?
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    AmbiD11 days ago

    You should strictly avoid for first 3 months..

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Question: Hi everyone.. I am 5 week pregnant now and today morning I spotted brown very small discharge, I am worried about this , is this a problem? Please clear my doughts and what I need to do now..
Answer: If you notice a small amount of pinkish-brown discharge during your pregnancy, don't panic. In most cases, a small amount of blood-tinged discharge is normal. But u oberserved severe red flow please contact doctor
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Question: Hi , i am suddenly started with the stomach pain ... And suddenly i m feeling my belly got increased in this week... Can someone plz tell is this normal?
Answer: Don't worry about the pain. When the uterus stretches then there will be a pain. But if its mild its ok. But if its unbearable consult your doctor immediately.
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Question: Hi, I am 26 week pregnant and having posterior low lying placenta.. some times getting mucus with brown discharge.. is this normal or should I consult my gyno immediately.. pls rply
Answer: U should consult to ur doctor immediately. Good luck
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