26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 26 weeks pregnant. I can feel the movement only when i lay down in the bed.when i walk work sit i dont feel any movement.and today i am feeling less movement when in the bed too.is it normal??from when can i feel the baby move even if i am walking siting or working?

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Answer: Many females usually feel the movement of baby around 22-28weeks. It varies from person to person. Some females feel the baby movement while walking nd doing other activities from 22 weeks while some feel it late going till 28weeks. So your baby will start to move more in another couple of days. If the baby is not moving like past days for consecutively 2-3 days, then its better to consult your doctor and have the baby checked.
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Question: I am getting less baby movement when i lay down but when i sit i get movements
Answer: Hi dear, baby can move snow in some days and very hyper in another day. This is absolutely normal but in 34 weeks of pregnancy every 2 hours should feel at least three to four times your baby's movement. If your baby's movement is suddenly decreases then it is a matter of concern and you should consult your doctor to take a scan to check your pregnancy progress and fetal condition. Till then you take rest and don't take stress.
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Question: Hi...sometimes i can feel the movements of baby like fluttering or moving ligjtly..when i jus lay down on bed..but yesterday i didnt feel any movements even today i dont feel...is it nornal?
Answer: Congratulations Dr. It happens still you are in 18 week pregnancy so you may not feel more movement.when you complete 5 month means 20 weeks and more then you you will feel more kicks and movement
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Question: I am 28 week pregnancy n m feeling less movement..I feel movement in late night or early in morning when I lay down in bed..
Answer: Don't worry at 28 weeks the movements are not very vigorous. It also depends on the babies direction and whether the baby is sleeping or resting.
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