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Question: I am 2 months pregnant . I have instead of white discharge,light brown sticky discharge but no bleed or spots. Is it something to concern?

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Answer: Hello dear😃..how's your pregnancy treating you...so brown spotting is actually a common thing in its trimester.my friend had it and she was given some hormonal pill to insert in vagina..she was fine after that.pleasecheck with your doctor too.hope it helps for you too.dnt worry though...
Answer: It may be ur old blood which was stored in ur uterus. So if it continues more than two days. Consult ur doctor.
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Question: Hi, Iam 16 weeks pregnant mother.. Iam experiencing light spotting brown discharge..is it normal or something of concern?
Answer: Blood spotting is common in first trimester but in second trimester it could be due to some problem such as disattachment of some part of placenta from uterus wall or something else so it should not be ignored. You should definitely visit your doctor.
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Question: I m 3 months pregnant i m getting white discharge & 2 drops of brown spots???
Answer: White discharge from vagina is normal but you have brown spots too so meet your gyno and don't delay.
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant, i got slight brown discharge instead of white, is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal but show it to dr it may be early pregnancy symptoms
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