17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 16 week pregnant inside of having regular diet and increased intake of fruits and dry fruits I am loosing weight my weight was 78 in 2 trim3ster and now it is 76 is this normal and what can be the cause?

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Answer: Hi, You must be losing wieght due to decreased food intake. There is increased energy demand during pregnancy as you feeding yourself as well as the baby. Therefore your diet should include extra calories to support the increased demand. If it not met, the wieght if mother might decrease
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Question: Before pregnancy i was 63 kgs now i am in 30 th week of pregnancy now my weight is 78 kgs is this over weight ha
Answer: Actually you don't need to worry a lot now. but just take care that you won't increase your wait anymore at least not more than 2-3 kgs for the next 10 weeks
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Question: I am 16 week pregnant my nausea and vomiting problem has increased now. Is this a normal thing?
Answer: Yes. Don't worry it may continue for few days and it will go away after that completly
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Question: I am having regular motion is this comn i am in 7 th week now
Answer: Hllo dear motions s common problem in this season due to weather change or any stomatch infection so first of all u have to consult ur gyno nd take medicines nd try these remedies too .take plenty of water, juices, buttermilk , coconut water. Take ors after every loose motion as water level in body should not down .Take banana ,Apple, pomegrante .take curd both of time .Take kichri wot Rai tarka nd u can try sabudana kichri too .avoid oily spicy nd junk food try
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