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Question: I am 15weeks pregnant now and my hemoglobin level is 13.3% M:13.5-17.5 it normal during 4th month of pregnancy?

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Question: My hemoglobin level is 10.8 & I am 7 month pregnant is it normal or not hemoglobin?
Answer: Your haemoglobin should be in between 10 to 14. Foods that contain iron are required to eat properly. U shoild have spinach juice by crushing 20 leaves in mixer. Add some splash of leMon to increase the absorption of iron in body. Avoid taking your iron supplements with milk and avoid taking Iron supplements in morning Ideally, your calcium supplements should be taken in morning or if taken at night, there should be at least some 4 hours gap between your Iron and Calcium supplements.u should also have iron supplement advised by doctor. You may eat cooked ragi, kale, oranges, jaggery almond beetroot carrot.
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Question: Hi I am in my 4th month of pregnancy. Last month my hemoglobin was 11 and now it is only 10. Is it normal? Pls suggest me some food to increase its level.
Answer: There is a lot of blood needed to supply food nutrition and oxygen to the baby. take your iron suppliment and iron rich food such as pomegranate, beetroot, green vegetables cereals beans such a black eyed beans, Peas , spinach , tofu , pine nuts , spring onions , lentils
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Question: Hi am 31 weeks pregnant my AFI level is 13.5 it is normal or less
Answer: yes it is adequate but AFI keeps on reducing as pregnancy grows. make sure to drink 3 litres of water daily. Just monitor daily fetal kick count and follow up your doctor regularly..
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