15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 15weeks pregnant. Can I take calcium n folic acid tablet together?

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Answer: Yess app le sakthe hoo but ek morning me aur ek night mai yee tablet mujhe bhi diye hai
Answer: Hi congratulations..take folic in the morning and calcium at night
Answer: No its better to take in different times.
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Question: Hi i had my recent doctor s appointment few days a ago so that time my doctor gave me some tablets of folic acid and vitamins and calcium tablet and before that i was already having one tablet the name of tablet is MCBM-69 and that is also a folic acid tablet and from the time i am taking both the tablets i am getting bloating extremely so i am bit confused should i take both if them or only one
Answer: No u cant take both medcine. U have to take only one bcz dauly dose of folic acid is around 4 mg to 5 mg to more than
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Answer: Yes dear in early pregnancy weeks you should take Folic acid supplement daily at least till 15 weeks of pregnancy. Folic acid helps to prevent birth defect in baby. Also eat green vegetables, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts ,dairy products, non veg etc in your regular diet. Take care.
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Question: Can I take calcium tablet with water in night???
Answer: No! Don't take any medication without doctor's prescription.
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