15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 15th week pregnant can i travel by train... Is it safe

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Answer: Hi dear Avoiding travels during pregnancy is safe...if its unavoidable do consult gyanocologist whether your condition and babies condition is ok for travel and do take precautions....do not travel without doctor's advice
Answer: Avoid long travelling till your 4th month and any bumpy roads. Otherwise it is safe to travel. Train journey , make sure its not so far or a long journey.
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Question: Hi I am 6month pregnant can I travel by train is it safe or not
Answer: Hi dear travelling during pregnancy is safe however a lot depends on you as to how comfortable or confident you are in traveling but if you are happening to travel by train please make sure to keep yourself safe have homemade food use sanitizer and also most importantly carry a toilet spray before you use the public toilet because during pregnancy the chances of contracting and UTI is very common and using a toilet spray is a must to disinfect that area before you use it so if you can take care of these things you can take care of your food habits are healthy food and a lot of water is what you're required during pregnancy to keep yourself hydrated .. if you can take care of these things I think there is no problem in travelling.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi sir/mam, i am 2weeks pregnant....can I travel by train...is it safe..
Answer: Hi dear.. traveling during pregnancy must be done only after consulting with your gynecologist dear..so please check with your doctor before traveling ad only she will be able to tell you if it's safe or not..
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Question: I am 20 week pregnant . Can i travel by train is it safe in this period?
Answer: Hi dear,Yes you can, train is the safest transportation in pregnancy to travel but still it is always better to discuss with your gyne before travelling.
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