14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 14 weeks pregnant. In my scan there is a posterior wall intramural fibroid is seen measuring 1.9*1.3 cm.. Is it dangerous?

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Answer: Hi dear. Fibroid are quite common. It doesn't cause much complications in pregnancy. For some women,the fibroid will reduce in size during pregnancy. For some , it will get bigger . Its important to track if its getting bigger or smaller. If you feel pain know fibroid, immediately contact your doctor
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Question: I am 6th week pregnant and have posterior wall intramural fibroid measuring 1.2×1.1cms is it normal
Answer: Hi.. Dear I understand your problem, however.. A size of the fibroid is very small and there is nothing to worry... You need to follow the medication recommended by your gynaecologist without a miss..
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Question: I have small anterior Wall fibroid sean measuring 1.9×1.3cm. cervix measured 3.20cms in length..
Answer: As fibroid doesn't affect the pregnancy if proper precautions are taken. As if the fibroid are small they wont cause any problem in pregnancy and many women with fibroid may have a healthy pregnancy and delivery and you may need to take bed rest. And the cervix length is normal so no need to worry about it. Take care
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Question: a small anterior wall fibroid lower segment any issue in delivery and unborn baby..size is 1.9*1.0 cm
Answer: No issues dear.. don't worry at all.. i delivered healthy baby with two fibroids of 11cm and 7 cm.. We both are doing fine..
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