15 weeks pregnant mother

I am 14 weeks pregnant... I had a bile and blood vomit today is it normal

Nothing to worry dear. Bile vomit is very normal and common in the first trimester. Blood must have come because of the force of the vomit and sometimes the throat must have been slightly cut . Don't worry. If the blood volume increases then consult doctor
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Question: I am 14 weeks pregnant... A light blood spot appeared on my panty... There is no pain... Is it normal???
Answer:  yes it is normal..It can happen anytime from conception (when the egg is fertilized) to the end of pregnancy. Light bleeding, or spotting, during pregnancy is common.
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Question: Am 6 weeks pregnant today and today morning i got a drop of blood .. what was that is it normal ?? Please answer me am really scared
Answer: Bleeding was in black or brown colour no pblm if it is red colour and also bleeding done with stomach pain is problematic anyway once going to hospital and checked with it doctor.
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Question: I am 4 weeks pregnant and had a pomogranate today..will it effect my pregnancy
Answer: It has only good effect on your pregnancy. Only if you have constipation drink juice instead of taking fruit
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