13 weeks pregnant mother

I am 13 weeks pregnant.my doctor dint suggest me for anamoly scan.should i get this done from some another doctor

Anamoly scan is done in fifth month..after 20 wks..so you don't need it now. You can get a simple 'ultrasound scan for early pregnancy' now..then repeat anamoly scan at 5th month
Anomaly scan is done between 18 to 22 weeks.... And NT scan is done between 11 to 14 weeks. If you wish to get one done, ask your doctor to prescribe it for yoi
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Question: Hi I am 13 weeks pregnant.My doctor dint do my anamoly scan.he said he will do it in 4 month.please suggest should i get anamoly scan done by some another doctor?
Answer: Follow doctor's advice. Anomaly scan is usually don'e in the fifth month. So wait till doctor give syou the date
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Question: Hi doctor,i am ,in 13 weeks suggest me some iron and calcium tab
Answer: Hie Dear please discuss the same with your gynaclogist as he would be the best person to suggest you so
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Question: Hi.. i am 13 weeks pregnant.. i am suffering from heavy headache.. doctor.. pls can u suggest me any medicine for me.. pls.. i can't tolerate this pain mam.. pls.. suggest..
Answer: Hello dear Headache is quite common in pregnancy. Headache during pregnancy tend to be related more often to poor posture and tension from carrying extra weight. Headaches during  the pregnancy may also be caused by a condition called preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure during pregnancy Remedies for headache : 1. Avoid headache triggers 2 .Include physical activity in your daily routine 3. .Manage stress. 4. Practice relaxation techniques. 5. Eat regularly 6. Follow a regular sleep schedule.
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