13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to get white tissue like discharge?

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Answer: Don't vary dear pregnancy me ye normal h
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant. I noticed that the discharge smells bad now. Is it problematic or normal?
Answer: During the beginning of pregnancy it is very very normal to get some discharge which is white brown or blood spotting it is due to the formation of the Placenta it is known as implantation bleeding so that should not be a problem.
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Question: I am 27 weeks pregnant mother due to Corona virus I am really scared. Due to lockdown I am not go to doctor for regular check up.some time mera white discharge ho ta hai is it normal this time
Answer: Do not panic yes white discharge at this time is commen. I think lockdown will not affect regular check pls wear mask maintain distance wen u visit hospital.be positive.avoid crowded place. Inform your family members to follow the same.
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Question: Hi, I'm 11week pregnant. Today I get 6-7 drops brown discharge. Is it normal?
Answer: U r 11th week nd now it's not normal. Better consult dr to stop happening this again
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