12 weeks pregnant mother

I am 12 week pregnant and could not hear heart beat through dopper machine. Is everything ok?

Hi dear if u don't get heartbeat at this week then there is less chance of ur pregnancy being safe. It may need abortion. Plz discuss the same with doctor .
Hi,you should have been to hear this by now,please take complete bed rest and consult your Dr and repeat the scan
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Question: Is it ok not hear heart beat in 6th week during ultrasound
Answer: Hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .it's completely fine if u didn't get to hear ur baby heartbeat. As there is still a lot option to see it till 10 week as baby heartbeat are so low that sometime it missed getting detect.most women who are heavy and some who have scar tissue dont get to hear the heart beat until around 12 weeks. so nothing to worry and visit doctor as per define.  All the best. 
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Question: Am 9 week pregnant how can i hear and feel my baby heart beat
Answer: Hello dear. Before 20 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heartbeats are typically monitored by doctors using a heart rate Doppler. After 20 weeks a baby's heartbeat can often be heard using a stethoscope. All the best.
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Question: Am 6 week pregnant... Wen can I hear baby heart beat?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. The baby's heart starts to beat at around 6 weeks. You may be able to hear and see your baby's heart beat for the first time when you're about 8 weeks pregnant. This would be a great experience and all the best. Take care.
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