12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 11 weeks pregnant and having cold and fever from yesterday. What can be done??

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Answer: Hi dear, please check with your doctor and take medication about this. It is ok to take one Paracetamol or dolo as my doctor also suggested same while i was having fever. Please take care no need to worry.
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Question: Am having cold from yesterday... What remedy can I take to overcome cold... Kindly help
Answer: To get Relief from cold you should take steam mixed with some vicks. this is very good for cold. you should also drink ginger tea soups and Rasam. while sleeping raise your head so that breathing will be easy.
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Question: Hi I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I am suffering from cold and fever .. can I eat paracetamol tablet . Yesterday night i had paracetamol 500mg coz 100+ fever ..
Answer: Dear all paracetamol s not safe in pregnancy so consult to ur dr nd take that paracetamol which ur dr suggest u aa dr suggest that paracetamol which s safe in pregnancy. Try it
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Question: I am 36 weeks pregnant ,I am having fever and cough from yesterday ,can I take paracetamol ?
Answer: Plz consult ur gynecologist cz in this situation u should not take any risk.
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