23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i always feel the movement of my baby below the belly button in center ..why?

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Answer: Hello dear.. even I has same observation till 26 weeks.. donot worry.. this is common. I am in 32 weeks now and feel baby everywhere
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Question: I m 27 week pregnant bt i always fell baby movement under the belly button why?
Answer: Hi. It's because the position of the baby is. Like that dear Nothing to worry Take care
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Question: I always feel kicks like moment in my lower abdomen below the belly button it is okay na ?
Answer: It's quiet normal dear. I also had the same tension and my doctor told me that my baby has turned in place with baby head down
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Question: i feel movement on left side or sometimes below the belly button...is evrything fine ?
Answer: Nothing to worry dear it's baby movement so enjoy every moment once it will gone again you will not enjoy that moments and also you talk to your baby every time then only you enjoy your baby jumping moments also😃😃
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