4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I always feel sour

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Question: Is it good to take Sour lemon bcoz I always feel to eat something which is very sour
Answer: Desr during pregnancy it is normal to get cravings for sour things like lemon or raw mango or imli. It is fine to have those in moderate quantity. Too much will not be good. Hope it helps.
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Question: hi i feel always my touge sour taste i dont like what to do
Answer: During the first trimester, there is a lot of nausea and vomiting. The sensation will cause lot of bile upwards the food pipe, causing the sour sometimes bitter taste in the mouth. If you have some sour candy, or dried mango candy or alpacoda, you can gently sick on it in your mouth. Dry amla will also help to remove taste. Drink warm water and gargle with hot water. The taste may improve once you enter your second trimester.
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Question: I feel sour taste in my mouth always , why i feel that taste n tell me the remedy to overcome
Answer: Hi.. It happens dear, with most of the females. Keep yourself hydrated drink water sip by sip or take sips of your favourite fruit juice. Keep some of your favourite candies handy. This will improve automatically with time, you can't do much about it.
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