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Question: I already have red spot my period date for next on 24thjuly...

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Question: Today am feeling the pain in abdominal like period pain. I saw little dark red spot while urinating. I am worrying. What to do next
Answer: Ans: If it is very light spotting then no issue. But if you have more spotting with cramps then you need to consult with doctor... If u feel heavy pain or more than little spotting consult doc immediately
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Question: My period date was on 28 April and I have 35 days cycle. Today I feel a little spotting type bleeding. At should I have to consider it.
Answer: May be it is a implantation blooding... So please wait till ur periods day pass... And check at home... Hope for the best
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Question: I have mild red spot on white discharge
Answer: Some time its happen so don't wry... But if is more much next time so u have to meet to doctor..
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