Question: I already have one baby of seven years but can't conceive the next baby

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Answer: why dear do you have any problem?
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Question: I have a 12 years son I am trying to next conceive but not success
Answer: Hi dear, as you are trying to conceive but not getting success you should consult a gynecologist for proper supplement to increase you and your partner fertility to increases chances of pregnancy. In very rare cases some women suffer from secondary infertility that is unable to conceive after 1st delivery. Your age is another matter which can create problem to get pregnant. As it will be a planned pregnancy you should consult doctor and take proper suggestions and medication to ease the process. Eat healthy and nutritious diet ,drink adequate amount of water, maintain and active Lifestyle by doing some light exercise and walking for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily and withdraw any bad habits like drinking of tea or coffee and smoking and drinking in your husband. Hope that will help you.
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Question: I have a baby girl of 4 years I am planning for a baby but I can't conceive.. Pls suggest any medicine for the same
Answer: Hi.. Dear, you have not mentioned the details why you are not able to conceive again? Is there any problem.. I can not suggest any medicine without viewing your reports.. It will be wise to seek an appointment from a good gynaecologist and get your check up done once..
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Question: Hello mam i am trying last month for pregnancy but i can't able to conceive why mam already i have one son for five years old....mam
Answer: Hi...there are many reasons for not being able to conceive...both hormonal and structural causes....get blood tests done including thyroid n ultrasound abdomen with pelvis.....any abnormality if present will be detected n you can take treatment n conceive
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