40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I already have completed 9 months and 3 days.. Still can't see the symptoms of labour.. I'm worried.. And I really don't want to go through c section.. And baby's head is also not at down position.. I'm doing sit-ups and walking but not getting any help through it.. What to do??

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Question: Hella doc,I'm in 40 week still now my gyno says baby has not drop down,wat was the reason for not dropping,and wat to do to make baby easily down,whether I can have normal delivery??
Answer: Yes normal delivery chances are still there, but you have to discuss with your doctor. Doctor will only give you correct advise after examination. If required doctor will induce the pain for normal delivery.
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Question: Hi Our Marriage was on March 24th 2021 after few days I started having Urine problem ...I get tried easily and I am not able to get up morning due to severe head pain .I visited doctor and she gave me vitamins but still no improvement in my health I am really worried pls help me
Answer: Dear might be you are not taking proper sleep . You Should take at least 6-8 hr sleep . Drink ginger tea or coffee. Apply Chandan paste over forehead . Drink more liquid this will cleanse your bladder. Don’t stop urine . After sex wash vagina . Drink cranberry juice too. Till than don’t do sex
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Question: I am really worried as my I tested positive for covid and my baby is not go with any other in house. He cries and also does not drink milk. Not breast milk but also formulae milk. Dr said if he ll get fever we need to test him also for covid. Is any other gone through this situation. Plz help and guide.
Answer: Stay strong dear... Ask your dr. That can you feed baby wheel wearing your ket and mask...
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