40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I already have completed 9 months and 3 days.. Still can't see the symptoms of labour.. I'm worried.. And I really don't want to go through c section.. And baby's head is also not at down position.. I'm doing sit-ups and walking but not getting any help through it.. What to do??

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Question: Hello..my due date is feb 19...baby's head position is down only but it is not reaching the position yet.Doctor says since i am 147 cm my pelvic bone is not getting adjusted to it.I am sad about giving birth via cesarian.I am walking daily doing all works but still i am not getting any labour pain,please advise i am really worried
Answer: Hello dear. Sometimes it just doesn't happen no matter how hard you try. I have been through the same and my daughter did not fix her head no matter what i did. You can do exercises like squats, butterfly or pelvic stretch and wait. And do not be disheartened if it is cesarian it is for your health and baby's health. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is in head down position but am not getting any pains... My edd is oct23.. and am doing walking for 20min... Shld i go through csec
Answer: No way wait fr more one week after edd and 20 min walking is not enough to get pains u need atleast one hr walk dear as fast as u could Not able to walk till one hr then walk 15 min take break fr 5 min again walk 15 min do this fr one hr all the best
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Question: I'm 33 week pregnant women my baby still not to turn head down position if it is any problems and if it's effect to go c section
Answer: Dear it's not affect the c section. Don't worry . Dr r experts so they know how to handle the baby while c section . U just take care of ur self. Ur baby came to the world very soon .
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