20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I almost lost nausea after 3rd month ..nw i 5th month and from past 2 days i feel nausea..not severe but feeling uneasy..is it k or shall i go to doc?

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Answer: It is common during pregnancy.. Nothing to worry
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Question: Im 8 weeks pregnant . Evryday i used to have nausea feeling in morning . But from past two days i have lost the nausea feeling . But i dont have any bleeding or cramps . Lossing nausea is it a sign of miscarriage ?
Answer: Hi. No dear. I never had nausea in my pregnancy. So please dont worry. Generally nausea goes after some times so its nothing to bw worried. You are lucky tgat they are gone other wise some women puke for entire pregnancy.
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Question: Hi all... I'm in 12th week .. for past two days I lost my nausea feeling which I was having from week 6 .. is it normal???
Answer: It is quiet normal.. u will get nausea once in a while from 12 weeks.. may god bless u
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Question: Hi.. i am 7 weeks pregnant but from past 2 days i am feeling happy and no nausea sort of feeling.my appetite has also improved .is it ok
Answer: Yes dear its completely ok. These happens because of hormonal changes so some wemen faces this for entire pregnancy and some becomes well sooner. I never had nausea in early pregnancy but in 8 month i had morning sickness. So dont worry. And enjoy your pregnancy.
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