30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hye moms.. according to my current ultra sound baby is not in head down position till now.. what complications cud b because of this..?? is der ny chances to chng d postion..

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Answer: Baby keeps on changing position . Babies doesn't stay in single position. So don't worry.
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Question: Baby is not in head down position till now.what to do?
Answer: Hii..don't worry. .baby head down position vill happen even at the time of last mit delivery time too.. gently keep a walk ..slowly do ur household work.. do squat exercise and climb staircase slowly .. baby will turn at any time.. moreover talk to ur baby just tell mumma wants u to come down.. keep massaging gently ur tummy. .ur baby can understand everything. .don't get tense that's d biggest enemy in pregancy. . Keep positive vibes.. everything will happen .. happy safe delivery dear 😊
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Question: Hi now my baby in breech position.. Is this possible to change head down position
Answer: Don't worry by 36th week it will come to normal position but u hv take lot of fluids... Get regular check for amniotic fluid... If u hv high fluid baby can rotate easily...
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Question: My edd is 9 August and according to my ultrasound my baby is not in head down position. delivery date tk baby head down position main ajaega na?
Answer: Yes there are chances that babys head gets engaged before delivery date..dont worry.. Good luck.
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