16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hy what I eat in day for helthy baby

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Answer: Hii ....Eat according to your weight or bmi...You have to eat small meals every 3 hrs instead of large meals 3 times ..Include fats ,carbohydrates,proteins and vitamins like rice ,idly,chapathi,ghee,1to 2whole fruit,handful of nuts and raisins ,chicken breast if non vegitarian etc .....It's better to avoid juices if u have chances of getting gestational diabetes .And drink 2to 3 liters of water daily ...
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Question: What can I give my child for helthy growth
Answer: Hi dear, Healthy food is the only way to keep the weight on track.at times they could be genetic,but in his case it seems to be too low.hiw is he activity wise? Some kids have high metabolism and also seems to be pretty active.for such kids one needs to increase the calories in diet.give him full fat cream milk.make smoothies with banana and avocado daily.add dry fruits in it.whole wheat pan cakes or parathas with desi ghee could be given for breakfast.if you are non vegetarian,then give him chicken/fish/mutton/eggs thrice a week.eggs can be given daily.sesonal vegetables in what ever for you wish to,can be given.give him veg soups as snacks.granola bars can be made at home and offer him as snacks.avoid all fried ,sugary junk food.stop all choclates,chips,pizza,burger kind of junks.include only healthy food.you can bake pizza at home with healthy options and offer him.include plenty of water too.daily three servings of fruits is must.last but no the least,8 -9 hours of daily sleep would ensure the nutrients getting absorbed by the body....
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Question: In morning what I eat for helthy baby???
Answer: hi dear start your day with 4 to 5 soaked Almonds and 4to 5 dates drink a cup of warm water. Deink tender coconut, take healthy breakfast. Eat atleast 1 egg per day. Add more vegetables nad green leaves. Evening eat more sprouts and lentils. Drink a cup of milk before bed. Drink atleast 10 to 12 glasses of water.
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Question: hy Dr.my stomach can't seen in grow...pls suggest me to best food for helthy baby
Answer: Don't worry you completed only 3months.yout stmch size is not at all related to your baby some may have big some may have small it not matters.keep eating dryfruits and fruits green leafy begetables
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